Flamingo Orange: an exotic twist - Painted border cotton/poly fabric with broad venise lace

“Entrepreneurship is taking the opportunity to provide goods and services with unique potential to a defined market,” says Munira Bhindarwala of MB Stitches. Munira started her home sewing and design business in June 2007 in the US. She has customer throughout the USA and has even expanded her reach to international clients in Dubai and New Zealand.

She had a passion for sewing and crocheting since she was a young woman in Neemuch, India. Five years ago, she moved to Michigan in the US with her husband and daughter to join her son who was already living there.

She learned the basics of sewing from her mother, elder sister, and aunt. In fact, her elder brother used to teasingly call her “darzee” (seamstress). A lot of practice and many projects over the years have resulted in a confidence in her ability to sew well-crafted garments. She considered sewing a hobby, and she never anticipated running her own business.

However, her hobby transformed into something more significant with the encouragement of friends and family and the partnership of her daughter-in-law, Fatema. She opened MB Stitches in June 2007 and created Ridas by MB Stitches in 2009. At Ridas by MB Stitches her motto is “We make one-of-a-kind, beautiful ridas!” Their goal is to create classy ridas that maintain the intended gracefulness of the dress and its wearer.

Since June 2009, Munira has marketed Ridas by MB Stitches on her facebook business page . The fan base has grown steadily for the past two years and is nearing 1200 fans. Fatema manages the facebook account. She updates photo albums, promptly responds to messages and emails and actively seeks new fans. She considers facebook a valuable resource for showcasing their collections. Orders made online and are growing as well, although the majority of their business is still local.

In the span of the last two years, they’ve designed and sold over 120 one-of-a-kind ridas. They hosted an exhibition and participated in two Meena Bazaars during the centennial celebration of his holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS).

Everlasting: an heirloom rida - Cotton with sparkle combined with luxurious eyelet and velvet black lace with hand-sewn sequins

For Munira, there was no initial start-up cost because she already had a sewing machine and necessary supplies. She started sewing and altering garments and invested that money back into her business. A year into the business, she purchased an additional sewing machine and two years later purchased a serger.

Munira is pleased that her business is growing steadily and believe that these business practices have helped:

  • Building and maintaining trust with customers.
  • Offering high-quality, unique ridas those aren’t available elsewhere.



Hatim Shabbir Hussain Dabbawala, CEO, Bohra Developers

 “Idea is the key and devotion is the route – entrepreneur needs passion to achieve goals” says Hatim Shabbir Hussain Dabbawala, CEO, Bohra Developers who started his journey with a job with a media group rather than an Engineering  company, soon after completion of BE in Computer systems from NED.

After working for 4 years with e-Publication DAWN, he started thinking on the lines of transitioning from job to his own business. To kick start, he started working on the financial plan and initiated the saving process which would give him the financial cushion to run down his daily expenses, when he would lean to his own business. According to him, this support was helpful during his first 3 years of business life.

His game plan was to deliver the best to his organization till the time he was working there and started developing strong network which would complement as a growth to his own business. Industry started knowing him for his thirst of completion and he penetrated the zones of e-culture by proving smart work habits of efficient round the clock working. BohraDevelopers today serves customers from Singapore to United States and has a team that works hard to satisfy the client’s needs. This fishing and furnishing of customers added the viral marketing edge and gained a business PR which is worth mentioning.

 “Doing the best in this moment will put you in the best place for the next moment”. Oprah Gail Winfrey

He knew that making the leap from “working for the man” to “doing your own thing” can often seem impossible. It suddenly happened that he got a chance to visit Abu Dhabi and meet with EZware technologies. 9/11 blocked new visa processes for Pakistanis and Hatim had to return. While leaving from there he got a franchise offer from EZWare Technology to work for them in Pakistan. This was again a big opportunity as that franchise was converted into a potential client after completion of basic job. All coins started fixing well; in place and on time.

 Starting with one designer and 2 computers this journey started in 1999 and today he has a team of 23 engineers working on many technology sets and focused to serve the industry with innovative ideas. From cyber editor @ dawn to CEO @ bohradevelopers.  He enjoyed the shift.

 BohraDevelopers’ slogan is “committed to deliver excellence”.

 Entrepreneur needs to think out of the box to achieve the milestones else they would be found dipped in various problems.  Despite of various socio-political conditions and economic challenges in Pakistan, BD is sailing well. With projects from Houston, Dallas, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Jeddah and other locations in the world; BD has a good queue built for its brand image across the globe.

Strong network has resulted in developing the customer base of above 300 clients and have resulted in dealing with above 900 projects. BD has got 65 domains of dawn.com and has done more than 20 projects for the same client.

Hatim suggests hard work and sincerity to assignments is key to success. As BD has to learn every day – there are times when we fail – an old rhyme from good days make us feel brave and come back – Lets recite it together.

 ‘Tis a lesson you should heed,

 Try, try again.

 If at first you don’t succeed,

 Try, try again”.

At last, Hatim’s blog as an entrepreneur gives lessons of continuity and sincerity – IT is growing multi folds. This is the time when BD needs to plan growth in a smart way. Hatim has asked the visitors of this blog to read the following pages and give their feedback and suggestions to webmaster@bohradevelopers.com



http://www.einnovations4u.com (my recent US company for International demos)

Meet young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Mohammad Kanch who is running a unique marketing service with the tagline “MK” Sms Marketing .

Mohammad landed in this business soon after the completion of his higher secondary education with a mindset of dropping himself in technology services as he thinks himself as a computer freak. According to him the reason for landing in SMS marketing three years back was at that time SMS marketing was very new and it could only be done with a minimum effort of computer and device. His initial investment in device & software was Rs. 85,000/-.

Mohammad started his entrepreneurial journey with his dad in supply business. He is a computer animal and wanted to start a side business on his own from where he planned to earn money for saving it for rainy days. The SMS marketing business was very new when he made up his mind three years back. It took him only a month to begin by developing a strong database of above 20,000 numbers.

The Tagline of his company “MK” Sms Marketing Service is ‘M’inimum ‘K’ommunication with ‘M’aximum ‘K’overage. Clarity of content is ultimate USP and that is why he has set a distinction of using the alphabet ‘K’ instead of ‘C’.

To him the business success factor is to offer variety of affordable SMS package deals according to cus-tomer’s budget so that every customer can take the benefits from SMS marketing. He uses SMS Marketing & Web Portal to market his business. Recently he has initiated the strategy of penetrating the untapped market through facebook fan page. http://on.fb.me/ncFru7.Till date he has 500 valued customers.

For him entrepreneurship journey is like climbing the ladder fast to the top. You can make your own decision in the favor of your company. There is no “boss pressure” on your head for any decision-making. You are the boss of your business.

For him the success factor for his business is:

• Building good customer relationship
• Loyalty
• Commitment